Saturday, June 23, 2012

Introduction to Marketing and Promoting Yourself... And Your Books

I have had my series on Promo Monday and have decided to emphasize and expand on this venture. The demand from authors is great about where to find readers and a new fan base. The success of this little endeavor has made me realize the market romance authors are seeking out. The influx of romance, of every sub-genre, has exploded over the last three years and finding readers is becoming difficult- this was the premise of starting Promo Mondays- and from there the idea expanded to other promotional and marketing techniques many authors, new or veteran, are seeking or have forgotten.

How will I open this project? 

By offering reasonably priced online workshops for marketing, promoting and answering the most sought out questions authors and writers have in the industry.

After in-depth conversations with a few mentors in the industry and brainstorming for the last week, the idea came into focus.

From learning where to find the readers to a step-by-step checklist of how to market your newest release to finding a reader fan base and building off of it. Participants can ask questions throughout the classes and there will be a Q&A within ten minutes of the class ending. 


Each course/workshop will be conducted on skype as a group conference call. Participants will be added by instructor/moderator only. Classes/workshops will be approximately one hour in length. Night (EST) and weekends will be scheduled for classes with the potential for PDF summaries being offered to those who cannot attend or participate.

Cost: $10 USD paid via paypal account. Payment must clear 48 hours prior to start of class. NO refunds given.

Six classes/workshops will be conducted. Topics will be announced soon.

Participants can pick one or all classes/workshops. $10 each / $25 for any three / $50 for all six. PDF versions are free to attendees and can be purchased by authors who cannot participate at the cost of $7 per class. NO reduced cost per class PDF copy if purchasing all six classes.

All genres of the industry are welcome, as this information can be used.

For more information, please contact me at dawne dot prochilo at