Monday, October 21, 2013

Review - What Remains: Untainted by Kris Norris

Being a hardcore The Walking Dead fan, I was ready to dive into this new release by Kris Norris. I am an End Of The World freak, watch every movie (no matter how cheesy), read every book and ready myself for all TV shows about doomsday. So as soon as I got my hands (actually Kindle Fire) on this gem, I tore into it, faster than a zombie on newly discovered human flesh.

Norris starts off running with quite a descriptive scene and continues throughout the entire dystopian novel. I was enthralled with the fact that Abby, a very independent and strong female character didn't let the 'guys' take over. Norris creates realistic scenes all the while allowing me to envision the surroundings in my head. I applaud Norris for her weaving of a tale. I was holding out for Colby, Darcy and Barrett finding love within a world torn apart with the sweet, yet sensible, Abby.

The (menage) scenes with Abby her the guys took on a whole new world and meaning as I read, offering the characters the chance to 'release' some pent up pressure and desire in such a gloom and doom time of life.

The balance between the love/sex scenes and integration of pending attacks by zombies was mastered. I highly recommend Norris' take on the end of the world romance.

Four Book signs

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