Tuesday, December 3, 2013

Review ~ Incarnation by Susan Nolan

Katherine Blair has no idea she possesses supernatural abilities. Not until Richard St. James, an intriguing and mysterious classmate with powerful skills of his own, initiates her into his world. Wanting to explore her newfound shape-shifting powers, she spends time getting to know Richard, only to find herself increasingly drawn to him as time goes by. Haunted by dreams of ancient times, she is caught in a desperate struggle against past injustice. The link to this unknown past experience sends her own life plummeting into the dark realms of revenge and murder, as she attempts to reconcile her feelings for the young man she’s come to rely on to protect her and keep their shared secret. Will Katherine and Richard be able to break the spell that has held her captive through the years, before it consumes her? Can their budding young love survive tragedy, or will they be torn apart?

The way Ms Nolan develops the characters of Kit and Richard left me wanting more. She gave wonderful descriptions of their pasts, the evolution of who they were and their connection made me applaud Ms Nolan's writing style. The attitude that Kit had towards Richard, in the beginning, and with Richard's so-called girlfriend,  Meredith, made me cheer for Kit's strength.

I have never read one of Ms Nolan's books before but I can definitely say I will be seeking out more of her publications. I love losing myself in a good, well-written YA or NA romance and Incarnation fit the bill for me. I would love to see the expansion of the Kit's best friend, Beth. There HAS to be a story there somewhere.

While I am not a paranormal (shape-shifter) fan, I dove into Incarnation and never looked back.

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