Wednesday, January 22, 2014

Review ~ The Gambler's Passion by Elle Marlow

Beautiful Arizona Summers is determined to fulfill her mother's dying wish and realize her dreams-even if it means dancing at Bare Backed Belles, cheating at high stakes poker or running from a spray of bullets with a man she's given her innocence to. She'd do it all and over again to find love and keep her promise.

Jace Forrester gets a thrill out of living a double life. Preacher's son by day, card hustler by night. Always after the big win, he can't resist Arizona's ultimate challenge. He may lose more than he bargain for-his heart.

Debut novel from Elle Marlow has me laughing, loving and anxious to turn the page. The 'mix up' of Jace's brunette companion and Arizona's poker character along with the duo's assumptions made for a great read.

This is the kind of historical western I can see being made into a series, centered around the townspeople. Granted the population of Prescott are vaguely mentioned, I can picture Ms Marlow making a run with this. The talent and writing style of this up-and-coming romance author will have readers craving more.

I fell in love with the way Ms Marlow entwined the hero/heroine and am looking forward to more of her writing.

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