Sunday, January 12, 2014

Review ~ Moonlight and Roses (Book 1) by Jean Joachim

Can a mother guarantee a safe and happy life for her daughter by finding her a rich husband? Linda Davis knows her health will not last and is determined to see her daughter have a secure future. Caroline has her own ideas. Going along with Linda’s plan doesn’t mean giving in to every man who comes on to her. Not according to Caroline.

Although mother and daughter clash from time to time, they are devoted to each other. Caroline is a beautiful woman and an accomplished artist who plays along with her mother's plan half-heartedly until she meets Bradley Riordan White, the man who turns her world upside down. Can a happy marriage be built granting the wish of a dying parent?

Loved how glimpses into Caroline (Sunny), Linda and Alex's past came into play every so often. It was wonderful to have a look into their relationships.

Linda (mom) wants her daughter married off... but not just in the hands and home of man her daughter loves, but a man with money. I can understand that. What mother doesn't want her daughter happy, in love and well cared for?

The writing style of Ms Joachim had me deep into the story from the first page. The way she keeps the personal strength of Caroline (how she stands up for herself and refuses to allow her husband's extra marital affairs keep her tied to a loveless union) had me applauding. The way Caroline fended off Casanova's? LOVED it! The way she stood up to Brad. Harrumph! Good riddance to that man!

Joachim streamlined the story, while a cliffhanger, into book one of the series perfectly. What's superb is that this is the first (prequel) in the Moonlight series. Thankfully! Because once you read this one... you'll be addicted and craving more.

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  1. Thank you so much for your glowing review. I love it when a reviewer really "gets" my story and understands where I'm going with it and why. You're right on the money about Caroline. You made my day!