Wednesday, January 1, 2014

Review ~ Santa, Maybe by Sarah Cass

Alan Richards returns to Lake Point for the holidays, counting the minutes until he can accomplish the dreaded goal of dealing with his aging parents and get back to the city.  Finding his former soul mate living in the town they left together and swore they’d never return to tosses his ordered plans right on their head.

Ivy Nowell has never looked back since she left the city and her ballet career to raise her daughter in Lake Point. Alan’s homecoming dredges up old hurts and the love she never quite let go, but he hasn’t changed, with his relentless commitment to goals that differ completely from hers.

The attraction and instant understanding between them lingers, but neither are who they used to be. Alan wants to give it a chance, but Ivy is worried he’ll change his mind and won’t risk hurting her daughter.

It’ll take Santa and all his magic to keep them from walking away from each other again, maybe for forever this time.

What a beautifully crafted story. From the very beginning, I kept telling  myself... sequel. No spolier here but keep your eyes open Mikey (Michaela).
Back to the holiday treat by Ms Cass.

I absolutely loved the character development, the connection between Alan and Ivy and even the non-chalant sarcasm from Eve. The written word for Justina wasn't your typical 'baby-talk' either, which I applaud Ms Cass for! I tend to get irritated with baby babble in holiday romance stories.

The holiday season is full of love, romance and magic and Ms Cass delivers all three.

If you're looking for a quick holiday read with a HEA, I highly recommend Santa, Maybe. I'm also looking forward to 'future releases' by Ms. Cass.

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