Sunday, February 23, 2014

Review ~ Blind Date by Morgan K. Wyatt


Darla never had time for love. Even though she worked in the perfume industry that epitomizes romance; no appropriate male ever wandered into the picture. Maybe that’s why she accepted her friend’s suggestion to fix up her up.  Plus desperation, and a desire to make sure she even remembered how to act like a woman as opposed to a corporate warrior. Too bad, her arranged date fell on the eve before her meeting with some hot shot Italian nobleman she needed to sign for her company’s continued success. Even more ironic, her blind date Alex besides being the poster child for all things delicious had a sexy Italian accent. The accent alone should have reminded her of the need to prepare for her meeting. Instead charmed by his old world manners and animal magnetism she allows him to take charge and forgets about business. Two things she’d never done before.

Ms Wyatt wrote a wonderful and quick read (Weekend Getaway from Secret Cravings Publishing) and really had me enjoying the connection between Darla and 'Alex'. Mistaken identity? Chance meeting? Whatever you want to call it I really appreciated the opportunity to read Blind Date.

Ms Wyatt allowed the reader to join in on the swift romance but left the sexual encounter at the bedroom door, or should I say boat deck. Kudos Ms Wyatt for writing a delightful read that I enjoyed in one afternoon.

I'd love to see a continuation of Blind Date- perhaps consider it a prequel and have book one be when 'Alex' aka Nickolai comes to America. The duo's romance can expand and perhaps Ms Wyatt could introduce her dear friend Marlene- and she can have her own whirlwind romance adventure.

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  1. Hello,
    Thanks for the review. I liked the idea of continuing on the story too. Maybe Marlene needs to meet her own sexy Italian male. :)

  2. I had the opportunity to read this...a fun, enjoyable story!!