Saturday, February 22, 2014

Review ~ Going Home by Carole McKee


Fifteen years ago Cassie fled her hometown, taking with her an undeserved bad reputation and a broken heart. She reluctantly returns for her father’s funeral and comes face to face with the one who broke her heart. This encounter sends her packing again, only this time it’s not so easy to just leave and forget. Her visit opens old wounds, stokes old flames, and uncovers lies and deceit. It’s showdown time!

From the moment Cassie pulled up to her childhood home and the animosity from Matt, I was hooked on Going Home. Take the prodigal son and replace with Independent Woman Cassie. *applauding her tenacity* and the way Ms McKee developed Cassie from the get-go was perfection.

Generally I want, and thrive for, a HEA ending, and there were moments that I was ready to call it a non-HEA. But alas... no spoilers, please. Let's just say McKee does an absolutely splendid job with the story line and characters. Rudy and Cassie's past had me impetuous, sentimental and all the while cheering for their potential reconciliation and relationship bonding moment. *sigh*

I was swept into this story- who doesn't love when two meant-to-be together people finally get that second chance at love... true love.  *Rudy's confirmation of never marrying anyone else tells the reader his love always lived for and with Cassie- whatta guy!

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  1. I read Going Home and thoroughly enjoyed the book. Romance fans will root for Cassie and Rudy every step of the way, just like I did. Thanks for a heart-warming love story, Carole!

  2. Thank you for the wonderful review, Dawne. And thank you, Linda, for your kind words on "Going Home."