Monday, February 24, 2014

Review ~ Not the Marrying Kind by Christina Cole

Kat Phillips is not the marrying kind. She can’t cook, keep house, or sew a stitch. When her father takes sick and decides to sell the Rocking P ranch, Kat must either follow his wishes and marry the lackluster minister in town or find a husband for herself.

Joshua Barron comes to the Colorado Territory to make a new start. Nothing means more to him than freedom. He arrives at the cabin where he’ll be staying with his reclusive, crazy-as-a-coot cousin, and realizes Cody desperately needs a wife. His thoughts go at once to the long-legged redhead he met in the foothills.

When Kat realizes the handsome stranger is looking for a wife,  she’s determined to prove she’s got all the skills required to please a man...even if she has to lie to do it. She has no idea that Joshua is involved in a few lies of his own.

What a marvelous story, well written and kept me spellbound for a weekend! Ms Cole has me lost in the world of saving the Rocking P Ranch as well as telling Reverend Kendrick to take a hike! Pasty skin, beady eyes- no way!

I found Kat's character (whether trying to save the only life she's ever known or having to wear petticoats and 'girlie' things) refreshing and fell in love with her devotion and determination.

Ms Cole has a special way of storytelling and I am anxious to search her back list of novels for more enjoyable hours.

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  1. Thanks so much for reviewing my story. I loved writing "Not the Marrying Kind", and I'm truly excited to share it with readers. :)

    1. You're welcome Christina! It was a great read and I highly recommend romance fans of western/historical pick it up