Tuesday, February 25, 2014

Review ~ Where Love Takes Us (Heartfelt Series 1) by Jamie Salisbury

Noel Burns is on top of the world. In fact the world is his oyster. Everything he touches turns to gold. It seems nothing can stop him. . .nothing except a quiet, opinionated woman. Jennifer Quinn.

Jennifer wants nothing more than to quietly rebuild her life. The last thing she wants is another man, especially one so arrogant. But she finds herself drawn to the younger Mr. Burns.

Watch as their worlds collide. Who will surrender first? Will they ignore the obvious attraction they have for each other? Or will they give in and see where love takes them?

Starting over is never easy and the way Ms Salisbury creates hero Jennifer's move, new life and growing attraction to British speaking Noel had me cheering for all divorced women looking for true love.

I was intrigued and pleased with the way Jennifer and Noel's characters connected and kept the reader on his or her toes with their sarcasm (in the beginning) and continued to keep their relationship steadily growing. Nice.. believable and so well written.

Have no fear if you are looking for more of Ms Salisbury's work (as I am) because this is book one in the series. Guess what I will be reading soon? Hmmm, yes, book two is on the agenda. Wonderful job, Ms. Salisbury!

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