Tuesday, February 25, 2014

Review ~ The Evening Class by Julie Reilly

Fatso Patso no more! Slimmed-down Patti Hobley doesn’t need a man. No sir! But she’d quite like one. And where better to find one than at a Car Maintenance evening class?

Except the only other course members are two spotty sixteen-year-old boys and some middle-aged ladies in hand-knitted cardigans.

Things start looking up when she meets both handsome executive Patrick, and garage mechanic Rick, who used to taunt her at school. But when Patrick shows his true colours, it’s Rick who leaps to her rescue. Does Rick deserve a second chance? Can Patti forget the past and let Rick in?

Let's see... Patrick (the bully)- can I have two minutes alone with him? He irked the heck out of me and because of that I have to commend Ms Reilly for bringing that emotion to surface. When an author can invoke such anger from a reader... in my eyes and mind, the author has succeeded and perfected her writing craft.

Patti and Rick's early years together were not ones to be proud of on Rick's end. Typical high school teasing really. but what I loved was when Rick first recognized Patti years later and said “You look great!”- what woman doesn't want to hear that. Better if the words were truthful.. and Rick's were sincere and honest. Made me forgive him myself for his teenage behavior.

Ms Reilly wrote a quick read but a very enjoyable one as well. This was a delightful Weekend Getaway that I did lose myself in for a few hours. Thank you for that.

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